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1000 Solutions for MarqueeCrew!!!

16 - Nebula

Massive congratulations to the legend, @MarqueeCrew for becoming the 1st to 1000 solutions on the Community - what an awesome achievement!


They keep having to invent new badges for Mark!


I know there's a bit of a discrepancy on the official leader board, but I choose to go with the bit that says 1002 solutions.


Well done Mark! You're someone we can all look up to and your contributions to this Community is second to none!




Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

@DavidP ,


Thanks for the kudos!  The community is a place where we come together and share.  Some come to share their knowledge and some come to share their challenges. We all seem to share our liking or love for Alteryx as it gives us more enjoyment in our work and time for our day.  

1,000 was a milestone that lasted only four a short while. It was a journey that started off slowly under one identity in 2014 where my employer wasn't all that open to my involvement.  In 2015 I submerged myself in Alteryx by exposing myself to any question posed.  In roughly five years I am here.  I see many members now challenging the leaderboard for solutions at a faster pace than I set.  I'm happy to be "looked up to", but am happier to see the quantity and quality of help offered around the globe. 

Cheers to all of our active members helping and sharing. 


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Amazing achievement @MarqueeCrew!


You are truly an alteryx legend

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Congratulations @MarqueeCrew , Mr. 1000! Very impressive!!

You are a pillar of the Community!