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TDCB-4655: Access 32bit drivers fail in tool config but runtime works for xlsb and accdb


32bit Access driver fails in tool config but workflow can still be run



Environment Details


  • This only affects Alteryx Designer versions 2023.1.1.123 and 2022.3.1.486
  • This only affects user with 32bit Access on their machines with a 32bit Access runtime (2013, 2016, or 365 runtime)
  • Existing workflow will continue to run
    • The following error will be thrown when the table list is refreshed with existing Input tools:




Get Table List Error: Error opening connect string: Can't create Data Source Object




  •  When mapping in a new Access file, users are able to map in the file, but they are not able to map in the table name




Defect TDCB-4655 was introduced when adding support for Access runtime 2016 and 365.




  • Use a 64bit Access runtime
    • If 32bit Access is installed on the machine, Microsoft will not allow the 64 bit runtime to be installed. Access would have to be removed first
  • Map in the file through the UI and then add the tablename manually by adding three pipes ||| + tablename after the file name in the connection box:
  • The issue was resolved for newer versions. Upgrade to 2023.1.1.200 or 2022.3.1.508