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Read in specific fields from a database or file input


Sometimes you only need to read in specific fields from a database or input. Within Alteryx it is as easy as using a Formula tool, Dynamic Rename and Dynamic input!!


The first step is to bring in the master file and the list of field names you wish to carry through from the Master file.


Next attach a formula tool to the field names list and create a new field with the expression "Keep-" + [FieldNames].


Formula tool.png


This will rename the fields with “Keep-” appended to the field name.

Formula Appended.png


The next step is to use a dynamic rename tool to “Take Field Names from Right Input Rows”. In the 'New Field Name from Column" select the field which has just been created above.

Dynamic Rename 1.png


Use a dynamic select tool to ‘Select via a formula’ and use the expression below to find the field which has ‘Keep-“ appended to the left hand side.  This will then only bring through the specific fields from the Master file which you have listed in the field name input. 

Dynamic select.png


Using a dynamic rename you can return the fields to their original names through a substring function. This will remove the "Keep-" from the field name.  

Dynamic Rename 2.png



You now just have the fields you want from the Master input file! 



Jordan Barker

Client Service Representative

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Can you add he screenshot of the entire workflow here?



Hi @morak_1499


Image below:


Select fields.PNG