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Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Below we've compiled a list of connectors and tool add-ons to Designer functionality, as provided by our Alteryx partners:

Facebook MarketingSocial Media & MarketingHelps to access data for Ad-Sets, Ads, Campaign and Insights. The data can be used for tracking campaign performance and revenue generated by their campaigns.Grazitti Interactive
Facebook WorkplaceSocial Media & MarketingAccesses data from workplace which can be used for enterprise collaboration reports and tracking internal communications and content.Grazitti Interactive
Facebook PageSocial Media & MarketingHelps users to track page information such as about, description, followers, likes, posts, and more.Grazitti Interactive
Facebook InsightsSocial Media & MarketingPull data about your Facebook Page from the Facebook API.Inviso
Facebook PostsSocial Media & MarketingPull data about posts on your Facebook Page.Inviso
InstagramSocial Media & MarketingHelps pull out objects such as comments, likes, tags, media, and users.Grazitti Interactive
YouTubeSocial Media & MarketingAllows you to track viewer response and helps you pull the objects such as views, comments, likes, and dislikes.Grazitti Interactive
PinterestSocial Media & MarketingAllows you to track readers and pins, and perform opinion mining on comments. It allows you to pull objects like username, description, link, URL, and notes.Grazitti Interactive
TwitterSocial Media & MarketingEnables you to track fans/followers, tweets, mentions, hashtags, along with public information for an account. It lets you pull objects like account, friends, followers, latest direct messages received and sent, latest home timeline, and my tweets.Grazitti Interactive
Conzoom MacroData SourcesPulls demographical data directly from Conzoom (Nordic database). Contact us for more info.Inviso
DST MacroData SourcesLets you download any table from the Statistics Denmark database ( The macro does not require login and contrary to the publicly available download options from, there is no upper limit on rows or records.Inviso

BusinessObjects Connector

Data Sources

Supports the extract of data from BusinessObjects:

  1. BusinessObjects Universes
  2. BusinessObjects Webi Reports
DVW Analytics

SAP Connector

Data Sources

SAP Read Tools:

  1. Extract data from multiple SAP systems including SAP ECC, SAP S/4HANA, SAP BW and SAP BPC.
  2. Supports the extract of data from: SAP BW Queries, SAP BW InfoProviders, SAP Tables, SAP Transactions (T-Codes), SAP Queries, SAP Reports, SAP S/4HANA CDS Views and SAP S/4HANA Calculation Views.

SAP Write Tools:

  1. Load data into multiple SAP systems including SAP ECC, SAP S/4HANA and SAP BW.
  2. Supports the load of SAP Master Data, SAP Transaction Data and SAP BW InfoProvider Data.

DVW Analytics
GeocoderGeocodingGeodcodes addressesbased on a Google Maps search.Inviso
AsterDatabaseProvides an Input and an Output tool. The Output tool can be used to write data back into Aster from any Alteryx datastream; create a new table, append existing, delete, overwrite or update any table; specify the partition key and the compression – high, low, medium. With the Aster Input tool users can fetch data from any particular table that resides in Aster into Alteryx and select fields – all or partially – that they want to fetch.Grazitti Interactive
Google BigQueryDatabaseComes with an Input and an Output tool. The Output tool can be used to fetch data from any particular project, dataset, or table that resides in BigQuery into Alteryx, select fields – all or partially – that a user wants to fetch. The Output tool allows users to write data back into Google BigQuery from any Alteryx datastream; create a new table, append existing, delete, overwrite or update any table; specify the conditions when a table or dataset is required to be updated. The connector also have DB Capability.Grazitti Interactive
Google Cloud StorageDatabaseAlows Alteryx users to write data back into Google Cloud Storage from any Alteryx datastream and create a new table/Folder. The Input tool enables users to fetch data from any particular table/folder that resides in Google Cloud Storage into Alteryx.Grazitti Interactive
Microsoft Azure Data LakeDatabaseEmpowers users to fetch data from Azure File system and select folder, files that they want to fetch. The Output tool allows users to upload data stream as a CSV file in Azure Data lake Store account and create a new folder or a file in an existing folder.Grazitti Interactive
Salesforce WaveCRM

Can be utilized for creating sales reports. The reports include tracking opportunities life-cycle, total closed opportunities and opportunities in pipeline. The data can be downloaded for for datasets, lenses, dashboards, and items.

Grazitti Interactive
CRM DynamicsCRMUtilize to create real time reports or access entity data. The connector can download custom entities with great download speeds and the connector is compatible with downloading large datasets.Grazitti Interactive
MarketoDigital MarketingCan be utilized to access data from Marketo Program to create program performance report. The data can be downloaded for Event Programs, Engagement Programs, Email Programs, Default Programs.Grazitti Interactive
Google Tag ManagerDigital Marketing

Makes it easy to download historical data from Google Tag Manager. The data can be processed in Alteryx to track Tag Management history and for comparing tags/rules. The connector pulls the following data into Alteryx: Tags, Rules, and Macros.

Grazitti Interactive
Google Search ConsoleDigital MarketingHelps determine visitor behavior, and monitor the efficiency of online campaigns. The connector allows you to retrieve data related to Sites, Sitemaps, Site Analytics etc.Grazitti Interactive
DatoramaDigital MarketingAllows users to access data from Datorama that can be utilized for integrated marketing analytics, channel performance analysis, and customer analysis.Grazitti Interactive
YelpDigital MarketingAccesses data from Yelp to be utilized for analyzing digital marketing performance, optimized media spending, and for web analytics and reporting. The data can be downloaded for objects like Business Search, Phone Search, Business Reviews, Transaction Search.Grazitti Interactive
YextDigital MarketingAccesses data from Yex that be utilized for analyzing digital marketing performance and optimized media spending and for social media analytics reporting. The data can be downloaded for objects including Assets, Bios, Events, Products, Locations, Menus, and Menu Items.Grazitti Interactive
HubspotDigital MarketingAccesses data from Hubspot, which can be utilized to understand marketing funnel, analyze site performance, and channel performance. The data can be for the various objects including Contacts, Blog, Blog Authors, Blog Comments, Page Publishing, Site, Email, Deals, Social Media, Workflows, Transactional Email etc.Grazitti Interactive
MailChimpDigital MarketingHelps you access data from MailChimp to be used for Marketing Campaign reports and Performance Tracking. The data can be downloaded for various types like Activities, Automations, Campaigns, Categories, ClickReport, DomainPerformanceReport, GrowthHistory, Lists, Members, MergeFields, Report_Sent_to, SearchCampaign, SearchMember, Segments, SegmentConditions, Templates, Webhooks etc.Grazitti Interactive
Bing AdsOnline AdvertisingAllows you to monitor and track campaign performance, number of clicks, conversions, revenue etc. You can pull objects such as campaigns and keywords.Grazitti Interactive
DoubleClick Campaign ManagerOnline AdvertisingEnables you to measure campaign performance, site visits, marketing channels, and more. With the help of the connector, you can pull information such as Ads, Advertiser, Campaigns, Change Logs, Creatives, Flood Light Activities, Placements, ReMarketing, Sites, User Profiles, and User Roles.Grazitti Interactive
DoubleClick SearchOnline Advertising

Helps you track the channels of your Ads/campaigns. It lets you pull objects like Campaign, Advertiser, and Keyword.

Grazitti Interactive
DoubleClick PublisherOnline AdvertisingEnables you to measure ad sales/orders delivered. It helps you retrieve object information such as User, Company, Order, and Ad Unit.Grazitti Interactive
Google AdwordsOnline AdvertisingTrack campaign performance, number of clicks, conversions, and revenue. You can retrieve object information such as Account, Ad, Ad Group, Campaign, and Keyword.Grazitti Interactive
Yahoo AdsOnline AdvertisingEnables you to track campaigns, conversions, revenue, clicks and more. You can pull the objects such as Campaigns, Ads, and Ad Group.Grazitti Interactive
AsanaProject ManagementAccesses data from Asana. The data can be utilized for tracking projects, tasks, and conversations in Asana. The data can be downloaded for objects such as Projects, Stories, Tags, Tasks, Teams, and Users.Grazitti Interactive
BasecampProject Management

Utilized to access data from Basecamp for preparing reports on project status, internal communications, and client work. The data can be downloaded for objects like Campfire, Docks, Messages, People, Projects, and Questions.

Grazitti Interactive
ClarizenProject ManagementAccess data from Clarizen that can be utilized to track human resource utilization and performance. The data can be downloaded for following objects Issues, Milestones, Projects, Tasks, Users, User Groups.Grazitti Interactive
SFTP MacroPublishingLets you upload directly to a SFTP server in your preferred format. You need to download WINSCP.Inviso
Publish to Tableau Server with Append (requires Tableau server 9.3)PublishingLets you append to an existing datasource.Inviso
TableauTWBXPublishingLets you create multiple packed workbooks based on a group.Inviso
Amazon MarketplaceE-CommerceEmpowers users to track seller account activity. The connector allows users to create and generate a variety of reports within Alteryx like Browse Tree Reports, Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) Reports, Inventory Reports, Order Reports, Order Tracking Reports, Pending Order Reports, Performance Reports, Settlement Reports, and Tax Reports.Grazitti Interactive
BigCommerceE-CommerceAccesses data from BigCommerce to create ecommerce analytics and reporting. The data can be downloaded for objects like Brands, Bulk Pricing Rules, Categories, Custom Fields, Order, Products, Summary, and Variants.Grazitti Interactive
LithiumCommunityHelps you track your community’s performance by pulling into Alteryx the objects like Author, Views, Kudos, Board ID, Message Rating, Post Time etc.Grazitti Interactive

Utilized for accessing data from SurveyMonkey and for real-time results, text analysis, and custom reporting. The data can be downloaded for objects like Collectors, Collector Details, Question, Survey, Survey Responses, User Details.

Grazitti Interactive
QualtricsSurveyEmpowers you to perform opinion mining and gain valuable insights. With this connector, you can retrieve data of fields including User, From Email, Survey ID, Response ID, Message etc.Grazitti Interactive
DataRobot AutomodelPredictionAllows you to upload data to the DataRobot machine learning platform and automatically create predictive models.DataRobot
DataRobot PredictPredictionAllows you to score data using models generated by DataRobot.DataRobot
WWW Webscraper (Beta)WebscrapingHelps you with the iterative process of scraping multiple pages of data.Inviso
XactlyOtherHelps you track and monitor delinquency, portfolios, and contracts. The connector allows you to pull all objects from Xactly like Customers, Order Stage, Product, Business Group, Currency, Employee Status, Order Type, etc.Grazitti Interactive
Business Days MacroOtherEnables you to calculate the number of business days between a start and end date for the Scandinavian countries: Denmark, Norway and Sweden.Inviso
WaitASecondOtherLets you wait X seconds between processing each record.


Complex XML Input ToolData Source
  • Input tool which reads an XML file
  • Parses the entire schema as key value pairs
  • Derives key from the current depth and iteration within the XML tree
  • Capable of outputting the XML schema keys with information regarding its parent and type

Teknion Data Solutions

5 - Atom

Great extra tools! Thanks to Inviso for making their macros available for everyone. However, a shame that Grazitti Interactive charges money for their connector tools. Alteryx should look into this, as it delimits the use of the program. Alteryx is expensive enough already.  

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

 @casperkeilstrup  Alteryx partners are an integral part of the Alteryx Community and we are glad that you may find some useful tools from them. This is up to them whether or not they would like to charge for these tools. All of the tools that these partners are providing can actually be created by the user and we encourage users to try and build these tools for themselves. In fact, if you look at the Alteryx Public Gallery you will find many users free tools as well!

7 - Meteor

There is an issue with accessing the Grazitti Interactive site and it is security related. 

8 - Asteroid

Great index. Good to know for some of us who are putting Alteryx near the heart of our data analytics strategy. 


One question, are there any "low-code" app development providers that Alteryx plays better with than others with? Such as Outsystems, Mendix, SF Lightning, etc... Especially for those of us looking for combine analytics apps or promote code with web apps, it would be good to know if there are any standout players here.

5 - Atom
Hello All, can anybody explain the input fields in 'WWW Webscraper' macro. I am trying to implement this but always getting error. I think its related to the third field called difference. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
ACE Emeritus
ACE Emeritus



I build the WWW Webscraper and it was basically a POC. The idea from the field called difference was to allow for pagination easily. In short the Macro is not. What are you trying to scrape?


Best regards,


5 - Atom

How do people on here find Grazitti to be working out? 

5 - Atom

Can these be installed on Alteryx Server? Specifically the sFTP w/RSA Tool?

5 - Atom

How safe is to use above sFTP w/RSA tool? does it take any of our data outside of the organization? Any one used it before and any reviews will be helpful.

ACE Emeritus
ACE Emeritus



I would download the tool and check the macro. My best guess is that it does not send any data to 3rd parties - but I do not know.


Best regards,


6 - Meteoroid

I don't understand why there are so many 3rd party tools and why Alteryx does not incorporate them into their application.  Some of these seem quite logical to be included as a direct Alteryx function and not a partner application.  If Alteryx wants to continue to grow the business especially with delivering on server capabilities, need to ensure all functionality runs seemlessly in both end user and server capacities without having to constantly download add-ons due to lack of functionality or delays in updates.

ACE Emeritus
ACE Emeritus

Hi Smountne


Could you elaborate a bit on the issues that you face in terms adding macros? We have several customers where everything runs smoothly.


We are one of the partners that build tools and for us it is a matter of building the tools together with subject matter experts. Alteryx provides the platform and we together with our customers build connecters for different tools.


Best regards,


6 - Meteoroid

DanielB - just reading all the comments above these, it appears there are a lot of 3rd party macros built to accommodate needs for alteryx users.  there is concern regarding if things work properly, etc.  I too, had concerns regarding the Teknion (3rd party) tool sets (macros) to accommodate a gap in the SHA2 security issue.  Some of these tools do not come with instructions or as open source to ensure they are compliant with our company's policies. 


ACE Emeritus
ACE Emeritus

Hi again,


Fortunately there are a lot of great people in the community ready to help (myself included). If you have an issue getting stuff to work I will be happy to join a call.


All the tools are completely open source - just right click the macro and see what happens inside. If you elaborate on the SHA2 issue, I will be happy to see if there are any macros that are impacted (my best guess is, that they are not).


All the best,


8 - Asteroid

Hi great tools. How do you make tools available when running from Alteryx Server?


E.g. I installed the Teknion Toolkit with a .MSI file, which installed the files to C:\Program Files\Alteryx\bin\HtmlPlugins

The tools now shows up when I open Alteryx. As I'm not an Alteryx Server admin, can I link to these tools somehow if they're on a shared folder?


Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hi @jeneir


Macros can be attached and uploaded with workflows to Server. But HTML tools (which it sounds like is what you're using) need to be installed by the Server admin in the same exact manner that you installed them to the desktop.

8 - Asteroid

This is the updated link for Teknion's sFTP with RSA tool:


The link in the original post doesn't take you to correct toolkits anymore.

7 - Meteor

Hello All,


Any recommendations for connector tools  other than "Grazitti Interactive " which are tested and proved working. 

Basically looking for Social media data. TIA