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Error opening .yxmd file

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My workflow was doing just great, reading in a bunch of stuff and cranking out new data like a boss. But then I saved the workflow, closed down Alteryx, and now when I try to open that file up again, I get the following error:


There was an error opening "C:\my file name.yxmd"
There is an unclosed literal string. Line 3042, position 42.


Does this mean anything to you guys?


The workflow has likely become corrupted, perhaps after saving it across a network, and has dropped something in the save process. 



Alteryx creates backups of the workflows (same name with a .bak extension). Try to open the .bak file in Alteryx. 


Go to File ->Open and change the "Files of Type" to All Files. The .bak files will show up and you can open the one you are having difficulty with. 


Another alternative would be to check if Alteryx auto-saved it prior to your last save. Go to File -> Open Autosaved files.

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I am using cleanse tool in my workflow, only cleansing tool getting an error  : Invalid path : Cleanse.yxmd 


rest of the workflow running fine.


Any help on this?




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Thank You Thank You for this post !!  It has literally saved my bacon !!!


Love this Community !!!