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DE33472: The Client gets invalid session when trying to save a workflow to Gallery

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Environment Details

The error is seen when trying to upload a workflow, and they have multiple browsers open connecting to the gallery.

Workflow was not saved. Invalid Session.


Saving Workflow.png


  • Alteryx Designer & Server

  • Version

    • 2021.1

    • 2021.2





The sessions are getting a Delete "400 Bad Request" error when multiple browsers are opened.





Solution A

The issue (DE33472) has been fixed on 2021.3.1 version: https://help.alteryx.com/release-notes/server/server-20213-release-notes 
Upgrade to Alteryx version 2021.3.1 to resolve this issue or if you are not able to upgrade at the moment, check Solution B.

Solution B

On affected versions, the client can close the multiple browsers open by leaving only one session running.

  1. Open Task Manager.
  2. Identify the Web Browser processes.
  3. Confirm that there is more than one session open connected to Alteryx Gallery.
  4. Close the sessions/tabs in the web browser or in Task Manager using the "End Task" option.


Additional Resources

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

There seems to also be an issue related to this whenever users access Gallery and attempt to swap from the User profile to the Admin profile. Whenever the new tab is opened, some users are unable to log into their Admin account using the new tab.


Workaround: Users can type in the Admin URL from the same tab where they're signed in as a User:
(https or) http://<gallery_host>/gallery/admin/#!diagnostics

They will then be able to navigate around as normal and perform Admin actions. Seems to be related (possibly regression?) to DE27308