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Create your own Tool Category in the Tool Palette


You have gone through the hard work of creating your macro and now want to make it easy to insert this into your workflow time and time again. You may have, up until this point, been right clicking on the Alteryx Canvas and going to Insert>>>Macro. 


However, you can now create your own macro category by going to Options>>User Settings>>Edit User Settings




Within this splash screen you should now be able to see a macros tab:




At this point you can hit the '+' icon and you can give a name to your category and select the file folder where you save your macros in. 


Then simply press Apply and OK and the new tool category will appear at the end of your tool palette. 



Jordan Barker

Solutions Consultant

11 - Bolide

You can also get your macros to appear in the existing tool categories by following the above directions and then in your macro's Meta Info tab, entering one of the existing category names into the "Category Name" textbox. See this example, which adds the open macro to the Transform Category.

Macro Category Example.PNG


5 - Atom

Is there a way to customize the icon for our new tool palette ? This would be very useful I believe, as I have currently seven blue suitcases in my toolbar !

10 - Fireball
If you are referring to the icon that appears on the Category tab, then create a 65x65 icon as a .png and if you name your .png correctly and put it here: {AlteryxInstallation}\bin\RuntimeData\icons\categories ...then the Category tab will use it.
7 - Meteor

Hi, I have followed instructions and unable to view the category on the tool pallet, any help would be much appreciated

7 - Meteor

Hi.  I too have followed the instruction to add via the macros tab but am not getting a new category on the tool pallet.   


HI @missgina & @mseelan 


Is the location of your macros on a network drive? if so please make sure the path is UNC


You will also have to have a macro saved in this folder for it to appear in the designer


Please also ensure you start the designer from a brand new instance