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Connectors and Zscaler


Troubleshooting Python-Based Connectors with Zscaler on an endpoint.

This is a guide for when a user cannot connect with a python-based connector (Anaplan, SharePoint Files, Power BI, Tableau Output, OneDrive, Salesforce Input, etc)  and is running Zscaler as their endpoint security.  Zscaler is not your typical security program, but more of a reverse VPN. 




Also see errors from: Connection Errors with Python-based Connectors and Troubleshooting Python based Connectors on Alteryx Gallery


These steps apply, when the steps from Connection Errors with Python-based Connectors are followed, and the connection error still persists.
  • In a browser, go back to the login page for the data source related to the connector 
  • Click the lock icon next to the URL in the browser, then click Certificate. These steps may be different on different browsers.
  • On the Certification Path tab, Zscaler will have multiple certs showing under the root
  • You will need to copy the cert for ALL the Zscaler certs listed under the root.
    • Typically, there are two, but depending on security, there may be more or less.
  • Reference Connection Errors with Python-based Connectors for detailed steps to copy all the certs found into the cacert.pem file for the connector
  • Now when running the workflow, it should connect while Zscaler is turned on

Additional information

  • If this works, then the user will need to talk with their Zscaler administrators
  • Typically, the sub-certifications listed under the root are rotating and will change after a set time.
    • IE:  Root cert stays the same, but the two listed sub certs change every two weeks on alternating weeks
      • This would mean that weekly the user would need to change the cacert.pem file with the new cert to keep the connection
  • One way to bypass this is to whitelist in Zscaler the endpoints for the connector.
    • You will need to run Fiddler to find the endpoint the user is using for their connection
    • This may not be a viable resolution for all Zscaler administrators since it does leave a hole in the network, but it is the only workaround at this time. When new connectors that look to the Cert Store become available, this workaround will no longer be necessary (some are currently in Beta).
  • Zscaler is typically only installed on Endpoint machines and not on Server machines
    • This may not be true for all environments, so the end-user would need to verify with their Zscaler administrators
    • If a workflow works with Zscaler turned off, then it will work on as a scheduled workflow on Server w/o Zscaler


Additional Resources


Something to add:   If you have Zscaler and do not want to do rotating certs, then want to whitelist in Zscaler the endpoints for the connector you are having issues.  This will allow the connector to connect without having to do the cert changes.