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Analytic Template FAQs

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Analytic Templates teach you how to prep, blend, and analyze your data faster than using tools like Excel or SQL coding; guide you through how to build sophisticated insights such as market basket analysis or predictive A/B testing; and show you how to output beautiful Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, Qlik or Salesforce Wave visualizations to explore and understand your data and insights.

The Starter Kits come with pre-built analytic templates and sample data that you can use to learn from, but you can easily use your own data in place of the data provided to uncover insights for your own organization. Best of all, the templates can be easily adjusted via drag-and-drop tools to provide the exact insights you need.

Where can I find Analytic Templates?

Starter Kits can be downloaded from the Analytic Templates page.

How do I install an Analytic Template?

Download the Starter Kit installation file from the Analytic Templates Page, double-click the downloaded file and follow the instruction prompts.

I've installed the Analytic Template, now what?

Open Alteryx Designer and, from the menu toolbar, click Help and hover over Sample Workflows > the name of the Starter Kit you'd like to open. While hovering over the Starter Kit name, a list of sample workflows will be displayed, click on the sample you'd like to open.

How do I navigate a guided sample?

Guided samples provide an interactive, guided tutorial that demonstrates how to apply an analytic concept. After opening the guided sample, follow the instructions in the embedded webpage to build a workflow step-by-step. Click Start Guided Workflow and use your left and right arrow keys to progress through the walkthrough.

How do I exit a guided sample walkthrough?

Pressing the Esc key will exit the walkthrough.

How do I restart a guided sample walkthrough?

Clicking on a tool, within the embedded webpage, will restart the walkthrough from that step.

5 - Atom

Hi I download the Predictive starter kit. I can open 2 sample workflows but Pricing elasticity analysis. It showed error msg as "Navigation to the webpage was canceled". Please let me know how to fix. 


20170317 alteryx error.PNG

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)



Click on the Explorer Box tool and confirm that the URL is 


If that doesn't work then try uninstalling and reinstalling the Starter Kit.

5 - Atom

Thanks. I had to re-install the kit then the info is shown correctly.

6 - Meteoroid

I receive a proxy authentication error when trying to install the kits. How is this proxy being determined?


Alteryx Starter Kit Error.PNG

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)



Sorry to see that you're running into that issue. Would you please submit this issue to