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Alteryx Install Wizard | 11.0

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Use the following instructions to download andcomplete installation via the Alteryx installation wizard. All steps and screenshots below were made using v11.0.

1. Navigate to http://downloads.alteryx.com/ and select the correct version of the designer based on your operating system (32/64-bit operating system in Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\System >> System type) and user account privileges (Alteryx Designer Admin/Non-Admin Install Guide😞


“View All Downloads” will show you a more extensive list of Designer installs – be sure to take a look at this to know you have the correct designer version before initiating an install. “View All Documentation” will supply you with referential information to around the Designer and its installation.

2. At the bottom of your browser window open the installation executable:


3. If prompted by the User Account Control, select Yes to allow the executable to begin the installation:


4. Close all instances of Alteryx currently open on your computer.

5. Select the correct install in the download manager:


6. After a brief load screen, the install will continue to the next prompt, which will list the necessary pre-requisites for installation. Previous versions of the designer will be uninstalled automatically, but otherwise ensure these pre-requisites are satisfied:


7. After clicking next, your install will validate and begin initialization:


8. Continue through the installation menu by selecting “Next,” changing fields where necessary.

9. Read and accept the license agreement before clicking “Next” to continue:


10. Installation will begin:


11. Click “Finish” to complete your installation:


12. If prompted for a license and email, enter them to activate the Designer.

8 - Asteroid



Thank you for this details. Proceed in  this way,  the sql server natif 11.0 and crowMarco will be download automatically ? 


NB : I will donwload Alteryx as Admin for other person 


Thank you .