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don't execute Pre SQL statements until the workflow is executed

I would classify this as a major bug.


Using Redshift ODBC connector, if I configure a Pre SQL statement inside an Input Tool, as soon as the Input tool is deselected (white space is clicked in workflow area), the Pre SQL statement executes without even executing the workflow.


e.g. putting a CREATE TABLE statement as pre SQL will create the table prior to the workflow being executed.


There should be no reason for the Pre SQL statement to execute until you are ready to execute the whole workflow. If there is, then the Pre SQL statement should be done outside of Alteryx.


Please change Alteryx to NOT execute Pre SQL until workflow is executed

9 - Comet
Normally what I'll do in this case is a bit manual, I configure the input tool to only return a few rows out to a browse tool, then I save that output and use it as my input for development. I too am hoping for a cache this metadata config solution so you can develop without all the syntax checking.

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8 - Asteroid
I really need to create temp tables in pre-sql queries for complex database joins and if I do it in a pre-sql in the input tool and that runs then my flow will hang for 5-10 minutes and I will be doing a lot of unecessary database queries. Disabling auto-configure is not an option as I need it for building my workflows. I would appreciate a solution.
5 - Atom

Hi all, I noticed that there is a fix for this in 2018.3 but it doesn't seem to be listed anywhere. On the Input tool in 2018.3 there is a new checkbox for "Run PreSQL on tool configuration" that can be unchecked to prevent the statement from being sent each time the tool is configured/modified. Works like a charm for me on SQL Server, DB2 and HANA so far.

Status changed to: Implemented



You are correct. It looks like this idea was implemented but the status was never changed. Thanks for mentioning it.