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Zoom button on Results Window

When I make the workflow, the font size on Result window is no problem.

But, when we show the contents of Results window on the presentation or online meeting, the font size is too small.

I want the function which is enlarge the font size. The important point is that the current font size is okay on making workflow and the large font size is only needed on showing to the another people on presentation or online meeting.


One more point to add, it would be helpful to be able to change the font size with Ctrl + mouse wheel.




Push the zoom button:



15 - Aurora

I like this feature. Window size is manageable as I wish during WF preparation, however, when sharing screen to the others, it's not manageable.

Besides, it is difficult for me to read small letters.(especially in the evening time😅 )


Yes, this feature is to important for demos! I miss this every time I do online demos. I like it and I am happy to have it in Designer Cloud as standard function of a browser.

10 - Fireball

Alteryx needs a Zoom button on everything, 
The font should be able to adjust across the board as different people have different eye sight and prefer large or Small text