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Union tool can supress warnings, other tools like Append do not have similar functionality

When the append tool detects no records in the source, it throws a warning. I would like to have the ability to supress this warning. In general, all tools should have similar warning/error controls.

12 - Quasar

Every tool should have warning suppression. I am using the Download tool to hit the Tableau REST API. At the end of the wf, I use the signout method and it has a response code of 204 when things go well. There is no data to be downloaded. The Download tool issues a warning that no data was received and the headers should be checked for details. This is expected! I don't want to receive a warning for this. Again, at minimum, each tool should have a checkbox to suppress warnings like the Union tool does. Even better, certain tools should have more granular warning suppression.

12 - Quasar


We have 10+ likes, can you take a look please?

9 - Comet

This would be a much cleaner solution to warning suppression than constantly having to place and remove dummy values all over a workflow when there are no records present. I do financial system automation for outside companies. When a user sees pointless "warnings" like no records on an append tool, it causes a lack of confidence in the system for no good reason. It also causes a ton of wasted time, excess tool clutter and user confusion to build a workflow that tests and avoids these warnings in a hundred different places.

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Alteryx Community Team
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