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Support file format .mrr

Multi-Resolution Raster format, or .mrr, is a MapInfo Pro Advanced file format that is becoming increasingly common as an output option for many software providers.  It is being used in place of .grd and .tiff file formats in some instances, because of its many advantages over most raster formats.  I would like to request that alteryx allow .mrr files to be included as input options, as it seems this trend isn't going to decrease anytime soon.

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)


We integrated support for reading MRR files for the upcoming 2019.4 release.  However, writing to MRR requires additional licensing from Pitney Bowes /SyncSort, and it was not in scope for this release.  Looking to gather more feedback on the write to MRR, is it a must have?

6 - Meteoroid

YES mrr support is a must have, for carriers using InfoVista because InfoVista has stopped supporting .grd file format. If Alteryx will not support that file format then other software will be needed in Alteryx's place for processing. 

6 - Meteoroid

how to read MR file? Because file only shows two columns for reading?


Also its huge file. Is there a way to process it faster?



6 - Meteoroid

How how would I be able to read information underneath MRR file with another lat long file?

7 - Meteor

I am getting this request from different team members.  They collaborate with many teams that use MapInfo.   I would love to see this implemented!

7 - Meteor

Please add .mrr functionality ASAP. Major telecom companies are moving to this format and would like to blend our other analysis steps with Alteryx.

5 - Atom

Any update on this request? thanks