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Sharepoint Files Output Improvements

A few suggestions that I think can improve the Sharepoint Files Output Tool:


  1. Maybe I'm missing it, but I cannot see how you can delete a file from the output list once you've added it:
    1. Joe_Lipski_1-1643795491697.png



  2. Have the write headers output checkbox ticked by default as I expect this is the more common expectation:
    1. Joe_Lipski_2-1643795558506.png


  3. Take the file extension by default based on the users selection in the Options tab as I shouldn't have to write .xlsx for the extension:
    1. Joe_Lipski_3-1643795713015.png


    2. Joe_Lipski_4-1643795723518.png



8 - Asteroid

@Joe_Lipski These are some great ideas! I just submitted an idea to add a "Keep Field in Output" checkbox like the standard Output Data tool that you might find interesting.


SharePoint Filename From Column - Alteryx Community

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team
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Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

@Joe_Lipski thanks for your submittal Joe. I am troubleshooting the same error you show in bullet point #3. 


Can you clarify what causes that in your scenario? 

13 - Pulsar
13 - Pulsar

Hi @davidhe, I'm now continuously getting that error in #3, so not sure if i ever found a solution back in Feb.


I'm probably missing something glaringly obvious!

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

@Joe_Lipski it sounds like the solution is to create a dummy/placeholder file of the same file type in the desired directory PRIOR to writing. 


I guess with no file to compare extensions the default behavior is to error. 

5 - Atom

Hi all,


I was running into the same error. But managed to get it working. I followed the steps from this link:

Point #3 second sentence - When adding a new file name, use the extension in the name. Retrospectively changing the extension within the file path doesn't work and still throws an error. So re choose your folder path and enter the name + ".xslx" for example "new_file.xlsx" in the first entry. this then matches the selection you choose within the configure file inputs and your workflow should run error free