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Please fix copy/paste of rename data across fields

Hello .. me again!


Please can you fix the copy and paste of renames across field.  It's a behavior that I see in many tool's grids and drives me mad.  Its not just select. 


Take the attached screen shot.  In the select tool, i've renamed "test 2" to "rename2".  Fine it works. No issue.


I then copy rename2 and paste into the test3 field, and it copys the entire row's data (and metadata) into that little box, tabs, spaces the lot.  I end up with something like the screenshot.  Really not sure it was meant to be designed this way, as I cant really see the point.


Please can you fix this bug



Status changed to: Coming Soon

We have fixed this and it will be released for 2019.3. Thank you for the suggestion.

11 - Bolide

I assumed this was a feature and never complained !

8 - Asteroid

Interesting band-aid solution I've heard until the new version comes out (or if you are stuck on an older version) ; if you Cut instead of Copy, you actually don't get the whole row of data. 


So Cut, Paste on top, and then Repaste where you want the copy to be. 

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team
Status changed to: Implemented

This issue was corrected in version 2019.3!