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Make copy functionality in rename option copy only the new field name

In the tools that embed the "Rename" option (Select, Append Fields, Join, Join Multiple), copying the new name will copy all the information of the field configuration : tick/untick, original field name, type, size, new name and description.


Renaming the field "Rename_Field"Renaming the field "Rename_Field"





In my opinion, it should copy only the new name. This would be useful, especially because when you change the name of a field, it isn't automatically changed in subsequent tools, so copying it to replace it in those tools is faster than retyping it every time.

11 - Bolide

Much Needed.

17 - Castor
17 - Castor

This is one of those that catches me, and wastes a few mins every single time - and eventually just end up using notepad.

The key here is to use Windows standards - if you select 1 cell and hit ctrl-C then the data that is copied should be that single cell.

10 - Fireball

Agreed, really annoying!


They have a similar one where if you select a field in the Results window (not the whole row, but an actual field), before you can do CTRL + C Alteryx will sometimes switch & grab the whole row, so when you do the paste instead of just the one value you are looking for you get all values for all columns. If I wanted the whole row to be selected, I'd click the area under where it says record.

8 - Asteroid

I have been using triple click with limited success.  When selecting inside any one of the cells in the configuration window with a triple click it will allow the selection of all the text as long as there is no space.  This puts the mouse in triple click mode and by clicking on any other cell in the configuration window it will allow the selection of all the text including spaces.  It is possible to paste to a text editor then copy another field with a single click, but clicking another tool on the canvas resets the click mode.


The selection experience is not great, and it does not provide good feedback to the user to anticipate what will be copied.