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Load an Alteryx Template file when creating a new workflow

When we create new workflows, we like to have them in our company template, to stnadardise documentation. This makes it easier for a supervisor to review, and for a colleague to pick up the workflow and understand what is going on. For instance, we have all data input on the left, and all error checks and workflow validation on the right, and a section at the top with the workflow name, project name, purpose etc. We have a workflow that we use as a template with containers, boxes and images all in the appropriate places


It would be great if there was an option to select a workflow as a template. When a new workflow is opened, it would load this template rather than having a blank canvas.

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Second this, great idea!

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13 - Pulsar

Here's @BenMoss's blog on how to do the steps mentioned in a few of the previous posts and a ready made Template for you to make your own: https://www.theinformationlab.co.uk/2019/02/14/documentation-best-practices-with-alteryx/

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 Thank you so much @JoepPaulusse for sharing these clear instructions! I've followed them and that works perfectly.

Status changed to: Accepted

Similar to this idea - definitely recognize the need for this type of functionality for customers/enterprise organizations that want developers to adhere to certain standards/best practices/workflow formats.