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Input tool - Support more than Extract.Extract for schema.tablenames for Tableau .hyper

Alteryx 2019.4 added support in the Input tool for Tableau .hyper extract files. The tables stored in the .hyper files have a schema and a table name. Tableau's old .tde files and Hyper files created by Alteryx & Tableau Desktop use "Extract.Extract" as the schema.tablename. However when using Tableau's Hyper API the default schema is "public" and the table name is arbitrarily specified by the user or application.


This has two impacts:

1) Without this support Alteryx can't open many .hyper files created by other applications. By way of example I've attached a sample .hyper file (in a .zip because the community software doesn't allow .hyper files) that has the schema.tablename "public.table1".

2) Also support for names beyond Extract.Extract is required in order to support multiple table extracts (submitted as a separate Idea).


Please update the Input tool so the user can select the particular schema and table name from the .hyper file.





Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

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8 - Asteroid

This is of growing importance now after Tableau 2020.2 and the ability to use relationships. Tableau will store the logical tables as individual extracts. Alteryx cannot read them currently.


Side note since I did not find an idea for this elsewhere:
Would be equally nice to define the schema and table name upon writing hyper files in Alteryx (or if would be even just the filename). This would make it easier to work with them afterwards.


Here an example of how it looks in Tableau when reading the hyper files from Alteryx.




Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team
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Hi @jdrummey , we have just released new version of Tableau Tools - version 1.3.0, which adds Tableau Input tool. On contrary to the Input tool, it actually is not capable of reading Extract.Extract anymore, but reads "public.table1" or any other table name. You can read such HYPER files both from Server or locally stored. 

Could you please clarify whether this solution can be considered as resolution for this Idea, so we could mark the Idea as Implemented?