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Improve SalesForce Input connector

Hi all,


The SalesForce Input tool is great.. but has some really bad limitations when it comes to report. 

I think there are 2 main limitations :


A - It can only consume 2000 rows due to the rest api limitation. There plenty of articles about it in the community.

B - Long string such as text comment are cutout after a certain number of characters. 


Thanks to this great article : , I had the idea of going through a csv file export to then import the data into Alteryx. 

I've done it using two consequent download tool. The first download is used to get the session id and the second to export a report into a csv in the temp folder. This temp file can then be read using a dynamic input workflow. 


Long story short, I think Alteryx should upgrade the Salesforce connector to make it more robust and usable. Using the export to csv feature, this should enable Alteryx to be fully compatible with Salesforce report.



Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

Thank you for your idea and feedback!


We really appreciate all the feedback we get on how users utilize our connectors and how we can improve them in the future. It looks like you're relatively new to the idea boards (welcome!) so if you haven't yet be sure to check out our Submission Guidelines as they go over the process after an idea is submitted as well as we need from user engagement on an idea.

5 - Atom

I support the recommendation that Alteryx should upgrade the Salesforce connector as soon as possible to make it more robust and usable to resolve this limitation. There are other limitations based on user's tech expertise or organisational constraints for any workarounds which are not a part of Alteryx's default tool set. 

6 - Meteoroid

I prefer to subscribe SFDC Report than reverse engineer any SFDC repot to its SOQL and use it for data pull. When we subscribe SFDC report then it will not required to adjust SOQL changes all changes to report will gets auto pulled. My requirement is to subscribe SFDC report and write output to AWS s3 bucket. 


Thank you for idea and support for having efficient way to pull SFDC data. I do also understand to keep upper cap on row limit is good option but that limit should be kept around 100K not just 20K. This limit is only for SFDC Report and not applicable SOQL.


Any further advise to avoid row limitation for subscribing SFDC report greatly appreciated!


Thank you

Prashant Bhavsar.