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Google Analytics Tool - retrieve all results, not only partial

Issue:  How can I return 100,000 rows (results) from Google Analytics.

As per the GA Tool video overview, in the advanced options of the API call, I can set the maxResults to an integer to throttle the API.  However, as per the Google Analytics Core Reporting API reference the maximum number of results returned by one request is 10,000 no matter what it's set to.  After that paging is required by altering the start-index parameter.  How can this be achieved?  Is it possible already?

Google Analytics Core Reporting API references:

max Results

start Index


Is there another tool in Alteryx (perhaps a custom tool where I can implement my own Google Analytics API code) to pull as many records as desired?

8 - Asteroid

Agreed - we need to have an option to not sample data.  Otherwise this tool (GA Connector) is useless.

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team
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