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Filter for Browsing Windows

It would be extremely helpful if Alteryx could add quick filters to the data browsing windows that would allow you to filter the contents of the window based on each column.  Essentially just replicate what you can do with quick filters in Excel.

Without this, I'm often forced to copy my data out into Excel in order to do any detailed trouble-shooting, and often there's too much data to copy, which prevents me from quickly getting to what I need.

Of course you can create a whole separate filter object, but that's combersome and requires re-running the workflow.

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team
Status changed to: Implemented

This feature was implemented in 2019.2.


Thanks for the great idea and contribution to the software!




5 - Atom

This feature needs work. In the Results (or Browse) window, we should be able to quickly click on a value to filter by it. Four clicks is simply too many when it can be accomplished in one. What's worse, I have to type in the value I need to filter by...when Alteryx already knows all the possible values in the data set. Frustrating. 


Check out Tableau Prep. They nailed it.