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Environment Variables/Constants

Would really love there to be a way to store environment related config variables without requiring the use of an external config 'file' that you need to bring in in every workflow.


Functionality should be similar to how the Alias manager works (although allowing aliasing of more than just DB connections)


The sort of things that would typically be included as such a variable would be:

  • contact email address for workflow failure/completion
  • other external log file location
  • environment name
  • environment specific messaging

If this could be set for different subscriptions or collections it would be fantastic. If not, at the server level would suffice.

ACE Emeritus
ACE Emeritus

One option, while not perfect, at a Server level you could use either the ReadRegistryString or GetEnvironmentVariable in a formula tool to read constants from the Operating Systems into the workflow.


7 - Meteor

I agree that it is an option, I dont think it is a suitable permanent solution.

Many of the larger organisations with red tape will not let users have access to the server let alone the ability to add registry values. Studio or server based constants would be immensly useful for a robust setup.

8 - Asteroid

We need a way to store, read and update global constants/variables across multiple workflows. We cannot have access to the Alteryx Server so using environment variables or Registry entries are not an option. So some sort of capabilities like environment variables or Aliases, for which each workflow can reference.

9 - Comet

Would absolutely love this.  Agree it should be implemented similar to alias manager but include an import/export.  A team would put together their common values in the file and share it, updating things like user id, local dump directory, email address, etc to make workflows easier to pass back and forth without constant tool updates.  Currently we're doing this via workflow constants, but it would be really nice to not have to set these up for each workflow.

7 - Meteor

Totally agree, especially when we have lifecycle environments that a workflow must go through (DEV -> QA -> PROD)

5 - Atom

Can document constant be loaded from the file.?

Please let me know the way around

12 - Quasar


I would like to add my support for better management options for constants, including the ability to create and modify workflow level constants in a workflow.


One less than ideal workaround to this limitation is to create a "template" workflow file that is pre-populated with standard user defined constants. In addition this template might include a standard header in a comment box  with pre-defined areas for ProjectName, ClientName, ReleaseDate, Author, Reviewer, LastUpdated, VersionNo etc. (or whatever you like to document about your workflows) along with any company standard branding and distribution rules.



12 - Quasar

Two years later and this is still a "New Idea"

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Status changed to: Under Review

HI all - thank you so much all of the posts here.  There are some improvements we are considering related to workflow constants and the management of these.  We'll definitely keep all of this feedback in mind as we're making progress.  We may reach out for some more feedback along the way so please keep the great ideas coming!

12 - Quasar


Further to this idea .... it would be a time saver if environment / constants variables could be toggled on/off as templated values and//or if sets of constant values could be saved or retrieved as is currently implemented here in Workflow Meta Info: