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Enhanced authentication to allow SSO for SharePoint Input tool

It would be useful if enhancements could be made to the Sharepoint Input tool to support SSO. In my organisation we host a lot of collaborative work on SharePoints protected by ADFS authentication and directly pulling data from them is not supported with the SharePoint input tool, it is blocked. The addition of this feature to enable it to recognise logins would be very useful.

5 - Atom

Agree with this request!

5 - Atom

I do agree. Same just happened in my case. I work for WU and we need ALTERYX to support our systems in order to get data from different SharePoint protected by MFA security authentication. 
Product team, please consider working on this initiative ASAP.

8 - Asteroid


10 - Fireball

double agree

Status changed to: Accepted



a new connector for working with files in Sharepoint 365 has been released and can be downloaded from Gallery

In few weeks we will release a new version with support for Sharepoint On-Premise (2013 and 2016).


Our next plans for this connector include to add support for reading and writing Sharepoint Lists as well. 

Status changed to: Implemented

Hi, the Sharepoint Files connectors has been released into Gallery. The current version supports only Sharepoint 365, but we're about to release new version with On-Prem support as well into Beta testing. If you'd like to participate, please sign-up using this link