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Dynamic Output Tool

Dear Alteryx Team,

Dynamic Input Tool is a great tool to import easily multiple files using files paths parameters ... having the same tool for outputs would be great to export many files in pre-established folder.

Many thanks


10 - Fireball
Hi Arnaud,

I agree that the Dynamic Input tool is great, however you may need to elaborate on your request for a Dynamic Output tool. The reason that I say this, is the Output tool has the functionality to output to multiple files built-in. If you add a field with the filename for that record, this field can be selected at the bottom of the Output tool properties and in this way you can output to hundreds of files in the directory at once.

The one thing that I see it lacking, is the ability to deal with subdirectories, however, I personally see that as rather minor. 

If I've missed the mark here on the request, then sorry for that, and I recommend elaborating on what part of the tool you really would like to see added.

5 - Atom

I would like to add to this feature request.  With the render report tool, you can group by a specific field in your data, essentially creating multiple reports at once.  In fact, it publishes multiple documents if desired.  It would be WONDERFUL if you could render the report, group it by a specific field then have to ability to save each document to different folders in a directory.  Life would be so much better if there was a type of dynamic output like there is a dynamic input, in the explained manner.

9 - Comet

A dynamic output tool would be useful to write a file and then use the file in the same workflow.  For example read data from a db table, generate a json file, then use the run command to execute a curl script to post the json file.  I'm sure there are many other applications for a dynamic output.  Would make the toolset consistent with the in-db tools e.g. 'write data in DB' tool

7 - Meteor

I actually create the filepath in a formula tool for each file needing to be written within a single workflow then pass it through a placeholder CSV. If a new folder is needed to house any of the files then I use the run command to add that folder before writing the files to it. This then creates as many file outputs as you specify and need in your workflow. 

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6 - Meteoroid

It will be good have a dynamic output tool. For example I want to load around 20+ tables data but I don't want to create 20 workflows for this ( creating different containers is an option but that is tedious too).

Currently I can replace the tablename using the option "Take file/table name from field" but the fields remains same as the table fields given at the time of connection. Select <fields of existing table in connection> from <new table name picked from the input> and this fails.

6 - Meteoroid

A dynamic output tool is a must have!  I wrote my own macro but it's not optimal as I have different macros for YXDB and CSV.