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Delta Copy Wizard

One of the common things that we need to do, is to take a delta-copy of a file or a DB table into the staging area of the analytical database.

This always looks very similar - so it would be useful to make this a wizard based process so that teams can easily build these very quickly rather than having to hand wrap:



- Check which primary keys exist - fill the gaps where they don't

- Are there any rows that update over time (or is this insert-only) - if they update over time, which column is the "updated date" column so that we can spot updates - if there is no update date; then we need to do a column by column check of some kind (like a hash or a checksum)

- Do you want to sync deletes?

- Do you want to keep updates?



- Target table in staging area which is now updated compared to the source

- Logging done (similar to what Kimball recommends in the ETL Handbook) with the run date/time; summary stats; and any errors

- Errors table for any errors that arose with row numbers

- Tables in target created (with history table if requested)


12 - Quasar
12 - Quasar
100% agree. I have a homemade delta tool I use, but I'd love to have a robust version come baked into the product.
6 - Meteoroid

This idea sounds great! I just did a bit more hunting & this looks like a really simple solution https://visualbi.com/blogs/self-service-bi/alteryx/achieve-delta-incremental-load-alteryx/  If not, does anyone have anything they can share so I don't have to reinvent the wheel please? @JohnHollingsworth you mentioned a homemade delta tool (& you are a GIS person & a multi-year ACE... so that sounds awesome....)

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team
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