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Default value on folder Interface tool

Similar to previous ideas from @patrick_mcauliffe and @shailesh_patel - would like to request 2 things:


Default on Folder Picker Interface tool

The folder picker tool does not currently allow a default value - this unnecessarily adds work if users have the same value 90% of the time.

Please add a field for the default value that will show when the interface starts up


Annotation 2019-09-20 074835.png





Similar ideas:

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5 - Atom

This is an old idea / post, but I found a decent workaround. In the action connecting a Folder Picker, choose Update Value with Formula, and then you can set "default" with an IF statement.


IF IsEmpty([#1]) THEN 'C:\Default\Directory\'
ELSE [#1]


Then, if the app is run when the folder picker is left blank, it will use the default. Alternatively, you could replace the literal string 'C:\Default\Directory\' with an additional textbox interface tool ([#2]), on which you could set the default string to your default directory.



Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team
Status changed to: Accepting Votes
15 - Aurora
15 - Aurora

Fantastic idea - I wonder if it wasn't initially added due to Server and local drive changing concerns (if you send an app to another user or upload it to the Server it may break).

However, I think there is still a need for this setting, and it could just be clarified within the tool configuration that changing drives should be considered.


Also - awesome workaround @dgleeson , thanks for sharing!