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Data Cleansing Tool -> Delete Null Rows & Columns

There are few workarounds for this task, but it would be really very easy if Data Cleansing Tool could delete Null Rows and Null Columns. After all its just a macro which can be modified and re-packaged into Alteryx Designer.


Currently, to delete a null row requires multiple columns validation for common Null attributes,

similarly to delete a null column every column has to be compared on a row-level and flagged for removal. Both of these approaches are clumsy.


Wouldn't it be so simple if Data Cleansing Tool gave such check boxes !!!






6 - Meteoroid

How to add the workflow ? I couldnt find the attachemnt upload button here. I copied the code above. You can save it as .yxmd file and it will run. 

5 - Atom

+1 person who would like this feature

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

Hi @alust, this feature was included back in the 2020.2 version of Designer and is present in all versions of Designer newer then 2020.1.


However if you or any other users are having trouble with the feature be sure to post in our Designer Discussion board area as that's the best place to attach and troubleshoot workflows.