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Dark Mode

Please add a toggle for Dark Mode as Alteryx, after all these years of using it, is burning out my retinas. 


The OS and most apps have a Dark Mode theme so flipping back to a bright white canvas is very jarring.  I tried to adjust the canvas colors in a more muted way but never can get it to work satisfactorily and still be as easy to read as the retina burning default.  


11 - Bolide

It's great that in the user settings we can colour our canvas backgrounds, connector and annotation boxes, but if you try and create a night mode for this in Designer the rest of your screen makes for a jarring experience. The workflow configuration pane is still white, the results box is still white and the toolbox above the canvas is still white. A separate issue on the canvas if you create your own night mode is that you can no longer see the numbering on incoming connections to union tools as they remain as black text. So I'm suggesting the design team develop a global night mode for Alteryx Designer.

13 - Pulsar



Just a question : do you work in the dark? Because I spend my days on Alteryx and I don't have any trouble with that. The only thing is I take care there isn't a huge contrast between my environment and my screen. That's much better for my eyes.




10 - Fireball
It’s mostly that l got a large screen to see more of the workflow. The screen is now my entire field of view. Plus I have been developing and I prefer developing in dark mode. My office is well lit.
6 - Meteoroid
This needs to happen.
8 - Asteroid

If you are using windows 10, you may try inverting the screen colors. 

1) Press Windows key + "+" button to open the magnifier.

2) Next press 'Ctrl' + 'Alt' + "I" buttons to invert the colors.


Not a perfect solution but still useful if your eyes really hurt from screen usage.




10 - Fireball

Thanks for the tip.

5 - Atom

High time for a dark mode inclusion, indeed!
I'm working with several dev tools and have my pc set up in dark mode. Alteryx is a bit annoying, in that regard..


Really like the Python look (dark mode), if you need an idea of expectations..



8 - Asteroid

Any updates on this? It's 2020 and over the past couple years more and more companies have started to implement dark mode for their software. Would be nice to have it for Alteryx too.

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team
Status changed to: Not Planned

Thank you so much for posting to the Alteryx Community!


We find this idea very interesting, but we have determined that we are unable to place this idea on our road map for the product due to several factors. However, we will keep this idea in mind for future design, and should we be able to return to your idea in the future we will update the status back to Under Review.

7 - Meteor
I just started using Alteryx and first thing I was looking for was the dark mode. It's surprising that a modern tool would decide to not pursue such feature.