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Create Office 365 Email tool to Oauth 2.0 Authentication

This year, Microsoft updated improve their API (GraphAPI) to access Office365 enviroment.


Alteryx have launched on Microsoft District in Public Gallery the Dataverse , Onedrive & Sharepoint Connectors.


Alteryx must develop as soon as possible an connector/email with same authenticator options as connectors Above and improve the emails settings.



It´s important to release and documentation to show wich permissions on Azure it's necssary to send the emails. 




Microsoft Announce: 


Azure Permissions: 

8 - Asteroid

Has there been any movement on this? With Basic Authentication being depreciated by Microsoft my IT team is also doing away with SMTP Authentication. I am looking for a way to send email from Alteryx using Modern Authentication.

7 - Meteor

Anything on this? Our company is retiring the legacy/basic authentication in a month. And we need to switch the Alteryx Sharepoint input and output tools to use the OAuth 2.0 token based authentication to continue using some of our business critical tools. Will this functionality be available in Alteryx soon? Is it in your roadmap?

6 - Meteoroid

Hi Folks,


Has there been any progress on this? A month to go apparently... I'm trying to figure out what the impact is from this... Deprecation of Basic authentication in Exchange Online | Microsoft Docs  Am I right in thinking that because the email tool makes you specify and SMTP server then it's using SMTP authentication, which is NOT the same as Basic Authentication and therefore won't necessarily be turned off by MS on Oct 1? I notice that newer versions of the email tool make provision to enter a username and password - is that a response to this issue? Do we therefore just need to upgrade to get the later tool?


Many thanks