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Control Order of Execution of Workflow Objects (Container)


Wanted to control the order of execution of objects in Alteryx WF but right now we have ONLY block until done which is not right choice for so many cases 

Can we have a container (say Sequence Container) and put piece of logic in each container and have control by connecting each container?
Hope this way we can control the execution order
It may be something looks like below 

8 - Asteroid

I feel this request is satisfied with the:


(1) A series of Runner Tools and for smaller workflows. Scroll 1/3 of the way and look at the Runner tools.


(2) You can build the workflow and control the order of execution. If you have completed a workflow and want to change the order of execution of separate flows, create a new blank work flow and copy the streams of work in the order you want them to execute to the new blank workflow. I'd done this a few time will success. 


5 - Atom

This is not a new idea but an old one. It is an elementary requirement which everyone talks about since 2013 and still ignored.


I have a requirement here in Macquaire but had to give them a workaround as this basic functionality is still missing


Please action



Paolo Bottiglione

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Status changed to: Comments Requested

We've been having discussions about user control of the how the workflow is executed in a run. I would love to hear more about what problems you'd solve with this functionality. Specific examples would especially be helpful. 


Thank you! 

5 - Atom

Hi Rachel,

this is so simple there is no need to send a flow to show.

Many people are aware of this issue. Say I build 3 flows and put them in 3 containers (in the same workflow) and call them. Container 1, Container 2 ,Container 3.

Alteryx would run the flow sequence executing in the "ORDER OF CREATION" Container1,2,3.

What if I copy a container from another flow and now want to make the sequence from Container 1,2,3 to Container 3,2,1?



PS= There is no link between those 3 containers. How do I control the sequence of execution of those containers without linking them.


Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Status changed to: Under Review

Thank you for the clarification. We'll consider it along with improvements we're making to the canvas and tool containers. 

8 - Asteroid

Just a note here (definitely not disagreeing, being able to set an order of operations is super-important), you can put the contents of each container in separate workflows and use the CReW Runner and Conditional Runner macros to set the order of operations here. If you need to post the flow to server, you can package the lower-level flows or make sure they're in a location that is accessible by the credentials that will run the higher-level flow on the server. 

5 - Atom

Hi, I know about the macro and I want a solution outside the macro. At the moment to control the execution of 4 container (using the macro) I have 4 flows plus one flow using the macro and pointing to each single flow. That is not neat at all. To be able to control the execution of the flow should be a feature from day 1 

9 - Comet

I think it would be great if you could manually control the order in which tools within Alteryx operate.  Unless I am wrong, it is my understanding that tools execute based upon their configure number.  See image attached.  I find myself editing my workflows often.  As a result, I have pieces that run prior to other pieces that are dependent on each other.  I know there are Crew Macros out there that can help but it seems overly cumbersome to do when it can be controlled this way and is some situations these are not usable.  Then you end up making multiple workflows that you must execute in a specific order.  Just a thought! 

8 - Asteroid

Does it make sense for them to run tools or containers by position on the canvas? I think that would be a good way to make is visually clear in what order they are going to run and it seems like it would be relatively easy to implement; just reorder the xml behind the flow by scanning the canvas from one side to the other. The direction of scan can be changed whenever layout direction setting is changed in the canvas tab of the properties window.

12 - Quasar

There have been many posts and several ideas posted on this.  I continue to support the ability to control flow execution.   

While the default actually works well as paths are executed as needed in order of addition to the canvas so when you reach a join, Union or other tool that brings streams together so nothing really gets out of sync but on outputs the "stop until done" is critical.  

However when testing it can be very useful to insure one input is first and another 2nd etc.  

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