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Collect names of workflows run via Designer

Before Designer 2019.4 there was a "bug" in the workflow statistics collection that under the "SampleModule" data from the UsageGallery collection the name of the workflow run from within Designer was available.  We used that information to determine the common workflows run in our community as well as generating a measure of community growth.  The "bug" was removed in 2019.4 and now we can only determine the number of runs, but not the number of distinct workflows that were run.  This idea to do return the workflow name run to the information stored in the Mongo database.




Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

Hello! Thank you for your idea! I noticed this was your first idea, so welcome to the boards as well! We greatly appreciate feedback so feel free to check out other ideas on our idea boards, there are some real fun ones in each.


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Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team
Status changed to: Not Planned



Thank you for your feedback and idea! While this idea did not reach the necessary criteria to be brought to our product team through Community channels, we currently upkeep several feedback loops, one of which this request was pushed to product through. As such product has provided the necessary feedback to update this idea's status.


Due to constraints in our road map we're unable to include this particular telemetry update in our road map at this time and as such we're updating this to the status not planned. However we do hope to make telemetry updates that may fulfill this use case through different methods, and should this change and we become able to include this specific request, we'll be sure to update this idea back to under review.