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Alteryx version dedicated to Mac OS X?


An Alteryx version for Mac OS X sounded like a nice idea... Although there are options for using bootcamp with windows 7-8

or some virtualisation software as mentioned in a community post here.


Rationale 1 (Competitors do it):

First of all there is no need to neglect a customer segment using Mac's.


  • Rapidminer Studio comes with a dedicated OS X version,
  • Knime has Mac OS X support 
  • Weka has Mac OS X support as well
  • SPSS Modeler is Windows only but SPSS Stats is Mac OS X compatible.


Seems SAS was compatable in the last decade, but they dropped it. Now SAS is not OS X compatible but

still with the "SAS OnDemand" version Mac users can easly get a hands on experience.


Rationale 2:

The Mac Pro Beast has 7.2 TFlops of computing power with the help of dual ATI graphics cards.

It would be awesome to install Alteryx on one... 


5 - Atom

Yes please!

6 - Meteoroid

I think with the potential of Mac chip computational power, this demand is increasing. let us leverage the Machine learning core in Apple Silicon. 

6 - Meteoroid

Please release a Mac OS version - Alteryx is the only thing forcing me use Windows now! 😞 

7 - Meteor

I think everyone should just accept that this is now dead. Alteryx lied to us all when they promised a native Mac OS version. Instead they are going to try and push everyone who is not on Windows to an inferior web experience.

Look for alternatives, our company has embraced other options following this and saved a lot of money whilst doing so.