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Alteryx tool / macro to open Hyper files directly from Tableau Server

The option to open Hyper files in 2019.4 is great! For some of our use cases it would be even better, if we would be able to directly open Hyper files that have been published to Tableau Server.


It should be possible to achieve this by combining the Tableau REST API method Download Data Source, which returns a Tableau Packaged Data Source (.tdsx), which then would need to be converted to a Zip file to be able to navigate to the contained Hyper file.

9 - Comet

I agree 100%. Open Hyper files that have been published to Tableau Server will be great!


8 - Asteroid

Connecting to any published source on Tableau Server would also be amazing. As far as I got it, it is sth. Tableau Prep is working on/has implemented..

Status changed to: Accepted
11 - Bolide

When changing to "accepted" @VojtechT does this means Alteryx Dev team is working on the solution?