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Alteryx Needs some Cable Management!

Hi everyone! I have been trying to find a way to do this without creating a new idea, but I have decided to make it an official 'Idea' to see if there is anyone else that might appreciate a feature like this (or has found there own way to do it!)


Do your workflows look like this...


cable mgmt idea (before).png


but you wish they could look like this?


cable mgmt idea (after).png


Well... they can with your help!


Okay, I might be crazy...but its worth a shot.


While I understand this is an extremely niche issue, in my experience, it can become very difficult to trace the data through unmanaged lines in large workflows. I think it will be great to cable manage canvas lines so workflows are easier to follow. Heck, while I am already at it, I think it we should all start calling these canvas lines cables... They don't carry electricity, but they sure do carry data!


Here is an example I created in Alteryx using select tools and containers:

alteryx cable mgmt idea.png



13 - Pulsar

Also could there be a possibility for users to choose colours to help organise it how they want?

7 - Meteor

I would also like the ability to document a line.  Like in Visio, you can add a comment that anchors to the line so when your boxes move the comment attached to the line moves with it. 

16 - Nebula
16 - Nebula

@EJ5916 you can write on any line by clicking on it and changing the name in the configuration panel! It's not a "comment" but should at least give you something 😊

5 - Atom
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Status changed to: Accepted

We love this idea! Stay tuned!

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Status changed to: Accepted
11 - Bolide

Did you hear about the workflow organizer macro? It is the simplest standard macro that exists and you can add those tools into a tool container which you can subsequently collapse (as a tie wrap)


workflow organiser.png


You should publish your version of the macro to the Community Gallery @RWvanLeeuwen!