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Alteryx Listener (for Complex_event_processing)


The idea is specific for streaming analytics;


Alteryx seems it can be scheduled frequently to see if there is an update to a file in question.


It would be awesome to enable a listener which will be auto triggered when;

  • ay new line is added to a data set (probably a log file) or
  • an update to an existing row in a database (then the relevant score will be recalculated for ex.)

It will be straight forward to provide reactive responses to a log file and voila!

Alteryx automation and alteryx server will become a "complex event processor"...


complex event processing with Alteryx?complex event processing with Alteryx?


Here is a link to wiki page for CEP:

@GeorgeM would you think this will put Alteryx to another gartner MQ* as well?



Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

It's a great idea, Altan.  We've been thinking about that crossover point when a streaming event process could be a native experience in Alteryx.  It's still on the backburner for now.  Mostly because we have a lot more ground to cover on the analytic apps world.  That said, your thinking is dead on.  It would be a natural next step to marry Alteryx's micro-batch architecture w/ event-based triggers!



13 - Pulsar


Gartner has figured that out our point as well,


In a recent report they point out that Alteryx streaming event processing is missing...

  • You can do near-real time using Scheduler and setting it 1 min intervals,
  • or maybe 6 Alteryx instances to wake up in 10 sec intervals 
  • or 60 Alteryx instances to wake up in 1 sec intervals  




13 - Pulsar

Promote is a great way forward but here is the questio, promote takes an R model file and puts it into an API.


  1. Does it also prepares data needed for scoring on demand?
  2. Or you do this through Server, prepare a string and push it to scoring...
  3. Is that why promote is not provided separately?
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