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Add command line installation of YXI files

I'm only just starting to explore the python and html sdks, but I think this functionality would be really useful for Alteryx tools.

I foresee cases where a custom tool is developed and we want to install it for 20+ users.  Rather than having each user manually open and install the file, and troubleshooting for each of them (which could also become challenging if we want to deploy an enhancement to a tool in the future), I'd like a method (preferably via command line) to automatically install a tool for a user without any interaction/input.

This would allow for targeted tool deployment as well as large-scale tool maintenance as custom Python tools mature in the enterprise space.

17 - Castor
17 - Castor

@LizaNemchynova + @AshwiniChezhiyan + @JoshKushner


Absolutely agree with the need - and we're hoping that we can push these tools out to the designer clients from the central server.


Have a look at this one @Claje


once we get this right - we then trip over the dependancy issue - when you update your shared macro to the new version, there's no uplift of the flows that are using this.

12 - Quasar
Adding my vote to this one as well! As Alteryx is removing a lot of the Data Connector tools from the default install and forcing users to get them from Gallery (!districts/57278188aa690a0f90abb918), it would be nice to permit command line installs of YXI files so that they can be coordinated in bulk, or even packaged with Designer for our users.
Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Status changed to: Under Review
Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Status changed to: Accepted
11 - Bolide

Has this already been implemented for Designer/Server? I know that there is a command line-way to install yxi's to AAH, but could not find information for Designer.

Status changed to: Implemented

The new generation of tools using AMP SDK v2 allows for installation from command line since they just need to be unzipped into the Tools folder. To find out if a particular connector is using this version of SDK just look for DCM support - if the connector supports DCM, it's AMP SDK v2. Otherwise that connector is still pending refactoring into the latest SDK.