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"PowerPoint found a problem with content in..."; Image Tool Linked to Render

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My company uses a flow that converts a set of .PNG images to a single PowerPoint presentation, and later sends that PowerPoint to a set of email addresses.


Since updating to the latest version of Alteryx (2020.4.5.12471, Admin Install) this workflow has generated PowerPoints that warn "PowerPoint found a problem with content in..." before opening (though do open formatted correctly to the eye) - which is unideal for a client-facing output.


This occurs on multiple machines / installs, and I have tested that even if I isolate the flow to just two tools (Image --> Report) it will produce this error with ANY image inputted (.PNG, .JPG, etc.; single or a set of images; any source). However, this problem only seems to crop up with PowerPoint exports (2007, pptx), so for example outputting as a .PDF works OK.


Are others having this issue, and if so are there any workarounds you've found fruitful?


Defect: DE28304 / TDALI-1078 - PowerPoint PPT PPTX Outputs from Render Tool are Corrupt
Status: In Progress