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Unable to view Browse results

5 - Atom

Hey everyone--

Recently got a new PC and did a fresh install of Designer 11.3. Fresh PC came with a new set of user permissions, so it took some trial & error to get everything set up just so. Now that i'm up & running, I noticed the following message in my Browse tools after I run a workflow: 

"View data table in the Results window."


This occurs for all tables across all file types. However, I am able to see Map output in the browse window.


Posting here b/c I suspect there might be a disconnect where the Browse window is looking for the results & where the in-memory results are actually being generated. 


Anyone have any ideas?


Additional details:

- Global workspace settings point to C:\Program Files\Alteryx

- However, User Settings override system settings and point to C:\Users\****\AppData\Local\Alteryx\Engine

- Confirmed there are no files being written to Global address (C:\Program Files\Alteryx)



Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

From what I understand, you're not getting the Data Profile info, and so that config window is pointing you to the Results window. Try the User Settings option below to collect Data Profile info.




7 - Meteor

Hi Kane,


Thanks very much, this has helped me solve a colleague's issue. 


One bit of feedback, it might be useful if the browse window message displayed when this setting is unchecked gave reference to this setting. 


It currently reads "View data table in Results window"



It might be useful if this said something more like: "View data table in the Results window. To enable data profile information, see user settings." (or along these lines).