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Unable to select column in Table tool after selecting pivot radio button

7 - Meteor



In my below workflow I wanted to use pivot in the Table tool and wanted to group the data on basis of region but I'm astonished that I'm unable to see any column here to select/to change according to my need. Is this something happening only to me, I even tried with other excel files and still unable to see any column here when selecting Pivot radio button inside Table tool. Though the other radio button "Basic" works absolutely fine. Wanted to know if I'm missing out anything






13 - Pulsar

Hi, @george317 


Please marks as an acceptable solution and like, if this works for you.


Looks like you might need some pre-steps before the Reporting Tools.

1. Summarize: Group by Employee, Group by Region, Sum Sales as Total_Sales

2. Cross Tab: Group by Employee, Column Headers = Region, Values for New Columns = Total_Sales, Method = Sum


And then, you can add the Reporting Tools (in this case, Table configured to Pivot per below)

**You can also check out the basic table examples in Alteryx (click on the basic table, then click on Open Example) to try the other pivoting styles and see which one works for you 🙂


Table Config









7 - Meteor

HI @RobertOdera ,


Thank You for the solution and it worked as you mentioned, but after completion I'm here with new doubt. After viewing the solution I'm right now thinking whether it is necessary to make Summarize and Cross tab tool before checking Pivot button in Reporting Table tool, every time. If so then what exactly is the use of this Pivot button in Table tool. 


God bless for helping and taking out time for me. Thank you.

13 - Pulsar

Hi, @george317 


Sure, it's good practice to Challenge (and very refreshing!).


IMHO, I don't think that you have to use the Summarize Tool every time.

My best understanding of how to get you to your desired outcome led me to use Summarize as part of the process before the Cross Tab Tool.


Based on the examination of open examples and reflecting on my experiences to date, in order to create a pivot table using the Table Tool, you MUST Cross Tab Tool the data and then stream it (connect) into the Table Tool to further process according to your selected pivot style option.


Kindly check out these links to see how others are approaching the challenge. I hope you find them helpful!










7 - Meteor

Thank You....That was great indeed..



Have a great day. Thanks a lot once again.