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URGENT: Connecting alteryx to excel files on SharePoint Online Office 365

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I had a SharePoint portal which was on premise and I was able to connect to it using the input data tool and the Download tool to extract excel files successfully. On the other hand, for a client SharePoint Online Office 365 account, I am not able to do the same thing. I keep getting the error "File not found" in the input tool and "403 FORBIDDEN" in the download tool. I tested by making a trial account of SharePoint online myself to confirm access issue due to not being in the client environment, it is not the case. Please help.

What alternative can I have? Can I map the SharePoint Online drive to my local system and then connect it to Alteryx?

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@AnuragGupta Currently we only support connecting to Sharepoint for reading lists using the included Sharepoint List Input and Output tools. As such we do not support connecting to Sharepoint document stores via URL, UNC path, or Mapped drives in order to retrieve office documents. For additional information please see our online help documentation regarding Sharepoint.





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Has there been any update to Alteryx to connect to Sharepoint 365 files?

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I posted this in adifferent forum, but I wanted to make sure everyone saw this as it is actually fairly simple to connect as long as you create a network location...


The easiest way that I have found to download a file from Sharepoint is as follows:


1.Open Sharepoint in Internet Explorer and browse your way to the file

2. Once you are to the file, copy the address

3. Truncate the address to just the sharepoint, i.e https://XXXX.sharepoint.com/sites/

4. Go to My Computer, right click and create Add a Network Location

5. Follow the wizard as you should just use the truncated address when setting up the new Network Location

6. Go to Alteryx and use the Input Data Tool.

7. You will now be able to click on the network location and then subsequently select the correct folders in order to get to the file.

8. Once selected, you are all set!


The other option is to use the Directory Tool

Follow steps 1-5

6. Go to Alteryx  and use the Directory Tool

7.You can now click on teh network location and then subsequently select the correct folders, expect now, use the folder that your file is in vice selecting on the file itself.

8. You will now be able to manipulate all files in this directory, if you say, need to download all files (If so, you can use the download tool and a select tool).




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Locally in Designer it is working, but there is an authentication issue to connect to same files when run workflow on Alteryx Server with Run-As functionality....

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If the UNC path to the location is giving you trouble you can also try setting up a sync with one drive (see below).  Note this is not an officially supported method with Alteryx but seems to work for a lot of users. You would have to set up the sync for the run as user.  Just another option to try.  Either way works  but perhaps you can try the below on the server. 


Sync the SharePoint List/ Document Library to OneDrive

From the Document Library page in Sharepoint, click the sync button at the top right, then choose 'open Micrsoft OneDrive"img1.png





















It will bring you to the below window. Choose 'Sync Now"




When it finishes, it will show you the path to the sync. Note the path for use in Alteryx. 




Once the Sync is Created, Use the Input and Output Tools in Alteryx to connect to a File located in the Sync Location.


Input tool configuration:  Note path matches what was shown in the finish step of the onedrive sync.




output tool configuration: Simply select Sync Path to write to.





Jess Silveri
Manager, Technical Account Management | Alteryx
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Maybe I am not doing it properly. but when I use the download tool, it shows error transferring data: couldn't resolve host name. If i use Input Data, it shows file not foundalteryxError.PNG





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I think I get the input tool corrected, and now i am able to download from SP. Thanks!

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I used Reesetrain's method to created a network location to mirrow the SP folder