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Single email recipient Multiple emails sent

8 - Asteroid

Single email recipient Multiple emails sent

There is a text file with 24 employees names that will be the distribution list (Used to validate active/inactive)

However during the testing manually typed in my email in the to and from and it generated 24 emails

Similar email container is used in other workflows without issue. Not sure how to resolve or what could cause it. 

Multiple Email.jpg

17 - Castor

Hi @BAvitia88 


The email tool works based on the records.  Even though your email was put in the join still results in 24 records so 24 emails were sent.

22 - Nova
22 - Nova

Hi @BAvitia88 


as @Luke_C mentioned in simpler words 24 rows flowed through email tool hence 24 mails were sent. If you want to merge it into a single email you can use summarize tool or unique tool.


But if you want to send single email to 24 recipients where each mail is sent to only the row recipient then this method is current.


Hope this helps : )