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Shifting Dynamic Data in 3 Columns, To Multiple Columns Based Off "n" rows

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Hi there,


I have a workflow currently nearly completed bar the fact, that my data comes in 3 columns like attached "A-C" and it will extend to many new rows at a time. I've got it so that after the first 94 rows, each 94 rows of data of that shifts to the next 3 columns and so on for each new 94 rows of data. 

Sadly I have it currently like the attached, where I have separated the first 94 rows of data, but have the next 188 rows of data in columns D-F. This would need to be split so 94 remain in the D-F and the next 94 rows beneath that go to columns G-I and so on.


Could somebody perhaps provide a solution as I have tried joins/record ID/Arrange tools to no success for me. 






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Hi @JSheppard98 


Here is one option.


Add record ID, use CEIL function, Transpose / adjust / Cross Tab.


Look at using a combination of Transpose / Cross Tab for this type of process.


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Similar idea like @Clifford_Coon. I assumed the description name already been updated every 94 records. 



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@Dina - nice use of the tile tool (generally have avoided it for no particular reason)

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@Clifford_Coon @Dina thank you both so much! these both work perfectly, knew I had to use a form of record ID/transposing, not sure why I was struggling re the ceil formula very nice solve.