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Sharepoint list input / size of Data type / Avoidance of truncate fields

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Hello Community,


Is there a way to select in the configuration of the tool Select all fields with a specific Type?

I try to find an easy way to select all "V_Wstring" I get from my SharePoint list (using the connector) and increase the size of all of them. (I want to be able to keep the order of my columns)


I have noticed that the SharePoint connector informs Alteryx of the length of the field, but this is not always accurate. (for instance if the fields is a multi-selection or if you allow the user to type something else that a drop down)




Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hi @pvigneron


In order to achieve your results I can suggest two different tools:  "Dynamic Select" Tool and "Field Info" Tool.  Both tools can be really useful depending on you are trying to do.  However, for you case scenario the Dynamic Select Tool is probably the better choice.


  • Add Dynamic Select Tool following your SharePoint List Input Tool
  • Filter on "V_WString"
  • Add a Select Tool following this.  From the Select Tool you have the option to increase the Field Size and re-order fields as needed using the Up/Down arrows.
  • Continue Preparing your data


Christian Rincon
Manager, Customer Support
Alteryx, Inc.
7 - Meteor

Hi Christian,


Thank you for your answer. I didn't know the tool dynamic select. I like it.

Nevertheless, this didn't solve my problem.


I am trying to play with the SharePoint Connector, but I really feel like this connector in instable with the version of Alteryx I'm using. Alteryx keeps crashing and I cannot industrialize my flow/my tests.

I will try with the 2018 version when my IT support will push the latest version.


I will re-open the discussion if I still have an issue.





7 - Meteor
What I ended up doing is to use the export of the list into an excel and read the excel from the "Run Command" tool.
I use the "Run Command" tool to call the xls and run a "refresh all".
I feel like this is much faster and a lot more stable than the Sharepoint connector.
My run.bat file:
set vbs=".\updatefile.vbs"
cscript %vbs% %1

My argument: my xlsx file

updatefile Vbs File:

Dim args, objExcel

Set args = WScript.Arguments
Set objExcel = CreateObject("Excel.Application")

objExcel.Workbooks.Open args(0)
objExcel.Visible = True


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7 - Meteor

Hi there, I'm having a similar problem with the SharePoint List Input tool where it is truncating the field length on a field. I tried a Select tool following the input but that doesn't help because it's as if the data is already truncated as it comes through the input, so expanding the field size doesn't restore the truncated data.


The field on the originating SharePoint site is a choice field and the valid values exceed the character limit that is being imposed on the field as it comes into Alteryx, so I'm not sure why the connector is setting a different field length value?

7 - Meteor

Adding the missing screeshots

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