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Sharepoint Files Input tool stops at union "input#1 was not initialized"

7 - Meteor

Greetings Alteryx Experts,

I've had a flow that successfully publishes data from Excel files on sharepoint to Tableau.  It uses the concept of syncing sharepoint locally, then publishing to Tableau.  That has not always worked whereas one of the file was not successfully updated locally so users were seeing old data.  We recently upgraded Alteryx to 2021.4.2 and decided to try the tool Sharepoint Files input.  I connected successfully to sharepoint but I notice the union tool always shows "input#1 was not initialized".  I have three files located on sharepoint so there are three Sharepoint Files input tools, followed each by formula tool with very simple formula to define source, followed each by a dynamic rename tool because the first row was not coming through as column labels.  These three data streams are then unioned using the errant union tool.  The configuration for union is Auto Config by Name but when I look at Manually configure fields, I do see the proper column headings as expected.  Why is data stopping at the union tool?  I've tried putting a select tool before union, no change.  How can I make the union initialize?

17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Hi @jenv20032000x ,


without seeing your workflow it's difficult to help, so the more information you can provide in future the better. 


This error occurs when there is an input going into the union that has been switched off. For example, do you have input going into the union tool that is coming from a disabled container?

If so, enable the container or delete the connection to the union tool.




7 - Meteor

No, there is no container that is disabling flow.

9 - Comet

This is what worked for me - there is a box you can check on the Options tab of the SP Files Input tool that says "Enable dry run".  That made the error go away.

7 - Meteor

This worked.  Thank you!