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SharePoint connector won't connect

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I am running Alteryx desktop 2023.1.1 with SharePoint connector version 2.4.2. I need this workflow to run from the Gallery, so I used the DCM to create a connection, but it just spins like this. I know that it can connect to SharePoint and that the URL is correct because I can connect and find the list when I use the Browser Sign in as User (OAuth), but that won't run on gallery so it doesn't help me. Does anyone know why this happens or how to fix it? Thanks in advance.


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hi @FreeRangeDingo 

Our company is using v2.4.1 Share Point Connect tool, and WFs run successfully even on Alteryx Server. Please note that separate DCM is needed for Input an Output.

Here is parameters we applied to create DCM for Input tool for your reference. WIth this, please try again you can connect to Sharepoint from Designer. 


Technology=Sharepoint365(cloud) Input Files

Data Source Name=Any



+Connect Credential

Authentication Method=Built-in App



OAUTH SESSION(TOKEN)=Create New Credential

 Credential Name=Any

 Credential=Create New Credential

 Credential Name=Any

 Authentication Type=Basic



As Web browser launches, select your account and finish.



When you run Sharepoint tool on Alteryx Server, please make sure of two things:

(1) Alteryx Server system setting

As you already configured in Designer, please change configuration on Server as well, if not so yet, to enable Sharepoint tool function on Server. 


(2) Synchronize DCM with Server

Go to Manage Connections=>Go to Synchronize=>Select target Alteryx Server=>press "Synchronize"

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Thank you for the reply. Sorry, I did not come back sooner. I have the same configuration settings as you do. It does not work. Specifically, what is happening is that I setup the connection as a Built In App thru the DCM and save it. But, the next time we open the file (or when it runs on a schedule in the Gallery), it's like the DCM was never configured. It's not holding the connection info. Additionally, for what it's worth, we uninstalled 2.4.2. That didn't work at all.