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SharePoint Input Tool - SharePoint Online

12 - Quasar



We have had workflows with connections to a SharePoint List running for year's on our Prod Server because we have used SharePoint 2010 and we can utilize our Batch ID and password to gain access to the list.


We are moving to SharePoint Online and the SharePoint Input Tool's configuration asks for an email address...  My BatchID doesnt have an email address, so I am at a loss for what to do.


Anyone know how to gain access to a list like this with a BatchID in use?


Thanks for any assistance that can be provided.



12 - Quasar

There is also a SharePoint File Input Tool which should be able to handle it in one shot.  Would still need the Client ID, Secret and Tenant though.


This post has evolved a whole lot since the original question I asked 3 years ago...  😂


7 - Meteor

Did you ever solve this?

12 - Quasar

@maamek  I have since changed jobs, but I think we were able to find the corresponding email address for that BatchID and then granted it permissions to the SharePoint list.  However, I dont recall the specifics at this point.  Sorry.  It will probably require some work with IT to find batchID's email or the creation of a batchID that has an email address to start.  Make sure you work with IT to avoid violating any rules on data access (depending on what type of data work you are doing ie PPI data.)