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Sending HTML Email with Email Tool

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I haven't had any success attempting to send a HTML format e-mail using the Alteryx E-mail tool.  The tool doesn't recognise when the body is HTML or provide the option of configuring the tool to send the e-mail as HTML format.  As a result the HTML gets sent as plain text. 


The render tool can be used to render the HTML into an image and passed into the Body of the Email tool however this means that an image is sent rather than HTML and the href links can't work.


I'm currently sending e-mail using the bmail command line client (in a Run Command tool) so that e-mails can be sent as HTML.


Has anyone else experienced this problem or found a solution using built in tools?

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20 - Arcturus

@Inactive User,


You might want to write this up as an idea for an alteryx enhancement.




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I could totally use this functionality for a use case i am working on. Is this submitted as an enhacement yet?

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I've just added it as an enhancement, I forgot to do it.  We have been using command line email client to send HTML e-mails but it would be better if it was built-in.  It's common that people want to send HTML rather than just plain text. 


Star the enhancement if you'd like it to get up.


HTML Email Enhancement

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Note to anyone still listening.  I found a workaround for this problem.  Posted here:


Good luck.  

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The attached workflow allows you to send HTML formatted emails without external email software.

The is as per Brian Scott's instructions here:


Please share! This is one great solution!



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Hi @jason_scarlett and @brianscott 


Does this solution still work? I have downloaded the demo file and tried sending it to me, but there is nothing showing up on the body of the email. Any help is appreciated, thank you!

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Yes it still works.


Copy the html body into an *.html file and see if you can open it in your browser. Maybe the syntax got corrupted. It should open and show you the email (sans fields) just fine.

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There was another thread indicating that this 'fix' stopped working in a very recent build of server; i.e.,


I know it is still working in 2019.3. I may know more about functionality in newer builds of server later this week.

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Ughh. Was about to upgrade.

Still working in 2019.4 as well.