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Removing commas from field

7 - Meteor

Hi everyone, I'm fairly new to Alteryx and have been using the tool for a few weeks. I built a workflow that produces a report showing a six digit number identifying a gas leak in a geographical area. The output is formatting the "leak key" field with a comma in the middle (ex 575,795), and I want the output data to not have the comma. The data type for the field is "Int32". I tried using the data cleansing tool to remove punctuation, but the report output is still showing a comma for the leak key. I'm getting the data for the workflow from a SQL Server database. Any thoughts how I can fix this issue? Thanks for your help! picture of workflowpicture of workflow



Data type for  leak keyData type for leak key

Data Cleansing for comma.JPG leak key output in report (would like to remove commas)leak key output in report (would like to remove commas)

14 - Magnetar



Numeric values, when processed through the reporting tool, add comma's and I don't believe there's a way to rid the values of them if you need them to stay as numeric field types. Only way to do so would be to convert those fields to one of the string field types, which you can do in the Select tool you're showing. The "Table" tool will treat it as such and not add any commas. However, if you're "Render"ing to Excel, the sheet will have this value attributed as a TEXT field, not numeric.


Hope this helps!



7 - Meteor

Thanks Jimmy! This worked, when I changed the data type to "String" in the Select Tool, it removed the commas in the output report. Thanks very much for your help!!