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RegEx - Split to Rows Second Instance of a Number

8 - Asteroid

Hello community! 


I need help using the RegEx tool to split to rows the second instance of a number. Whenever there is a second number on the Request Type field, that information should be moved to another row. I can do the additional clean up needed. 

For example, I have the first table and want what's on the second table.

IDRequest TypeStart DtColleague
12 - Letter and 10 - Annual Review 6/6/2023Ana
210- Annual Review6/4/2023Peter
33 - Waive Letter & 2 - Letter6/3/2023John


IDRequest TypeStart DtColleague
12 - Letter6/6/2023Ana
110 - Annual Review 6/6/2023Ana
210- Annual Review6/4/2023Peter
33 - Waive Letter 6/3/2023John
32 - Letter6/3/2023John
12 - Quasar

I would actually approach this with a different set of tools. There are some assumptions on my part, however.

  1. The 10- Annual Review and the 10 - Annual Review (with space) was a typo and not from your actual data. This could be changed in the workflow to accommodate though.
  2. The options are a defined list and not manually added by a user in free text format.
  3. You can obtain the defined list.

By joining the Request Type options available to the data, you can use the formula tool to identify any of those options contained in the request data. You would then filter out the options that are not in the request and summarize.


Take a look and let me know if this works for you.

12 - Quasar

Hello, @Kristie_Pires.


Please see the attached workflow for one method of doing this.





8 - Asteroid

Thank you both for helping me out! @acarter881 solution's works best for my case.


@jdminton the Request Type field is manually written by the users, so I have no control over how they spell certain words.  


Again, thank you!!! 

9 - Comet

Might have a simpler way, but this is my thought.